Noctis Threads: Chic Comfort Clothing for the Fashion Forward

Noctis Threads, a hip new brand started by two thirty-something guys in Phoenix, Arizona, is making waves in the trendy world of fashion. Taking home a second-place-win, in the emerging designers’ category at last years Phoenix Fashion Week, Noctis Threads, designs chic clothes for the whole entire family.

The Noctis Threads line includes fabulous comfort clothes like hoodies, hats, tee shirts, dresses, thigh high socks, and other comfy pieces-making a one-stop shop for the whole family. And the perfect place to keep your family looking hip and feeling comfortable, at an affordable price.

What makes them so unique

With their stylish pieces and quality materials, the clothes are unbelievably comfortable and seem to have the perfect fit. And, each piece is sure proof to the company’s devotion in providing comfortable and stylish clothing with unique artistic designs. To keep up with the latest trends which could be really expensive, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via

With their signature diamond eyed owl logo, Noctis Threads has designed their clothing to be worn to for any occasion; a trip to the grocery store or a night out clubbin’. Dress them up or dress them down, no matter how you wear them they sure to turn some heads.

What people (like me) are sayin’

From my personal experience with the Diamond Eyes Blue Print Polo Dress, I can definitely say that each piece is definitely made with quality and comfort in mind. After a compliment filled day, my awesome dress was definitely the talk of the event. I will be posting photos of my photo shoot with my Noctis Threads dress soon, so be sure follow the PS Beauty Blog.

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About the Makers of Noctis Threads

Noctis Threads, created by John Zukie and Andrew Higgins, is a Phoenix-based company run by two thirty-something neighbors. The idea for the company was created by the duo during a relaxing day at the pool. The two who describe themselves as complete opposites have made a huge impact in the fashion world in just under a year that they have been around. Zukie and Higgins also say they are hoping to open a Noctis Threads flagship store in Phoenix, Arizona in the future.