Buying The Right Monitor Stand For You

Monitor Stands provide an effortless solution to comfortably elevate monitors, TVs, laptops and more to an ergonomic height for an easier experience and reduced back strain and eye strain relief. The Grovemade alternative is ideal for home offices and college dorm rooms alike!

Height Adjustment

Monitor stands and arms can help relieve strain on both eyes and neck when working, as well as adding an aesthetic look to your work desk setup. However, it is essential that you select one suitable for your individual needs.

Grovemade alternative

Some forms of monitor stands, such as desktop stands or mechanical risers, can be suitable solutions if your budget is tight or you do not wish to make permanent modifications to your workspace.

Monitor arms offer greater adjustability than simple stands and can accommodate virtually any screen size and type. Compatible with any VESA-compliant monitor, monitor arms provide tilt, swivel, and rotation features for increased precision when setting up large- or heavy-screen monitors; some models even support multiple monitors simultaneously!

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics is the study of human capabilities and limitations to develop products and environments which are safer, simpler to use, and more productive for their users. Ergonomics takes into account things like strength, size, speed and sensory capabilities such as vision and hearing when making this assessment.

One of the most essential ergonomics requirements to check when it comes to arm ergonomics is its extension reach, particularly if you plan on sharing your monitor(s) with another person on a shared desk or working at an adjustable-height stand-up desktop. Furthermore, ensure your display(s)’ VESA mount(s) are compatible with that on any arm you consider before making your selection decision.


Monitor stands typically offer an easy installation process. Most utilize the standard VESA hole pattern found on most modern monitors to align easily with monitor mounts on stands; simply secure this unit using any required hardware.

Wall-mounted monitor stands are an effective solution for freeing up desk space and creating a tidy work setup. Furthermore, these sturdy mounts help ensure more stable monitoring solutions with reduced risk of accidents or damage.

Many monitor stands offer cable management features to keep cords neatly organized on your desk, creating a professional and sleek workspace. Many also come equipped with built-in keyboard trays to clear papers from your desk and give more room to work. Placing your computer monitor at eye level may help with posture as well as reduce neck, back, and shoulder strain – as well as improve focus and productivity.

Space Saving

Many individuals spend over 6.5 hours per day and over 1,700 hours annually working in front of computer screens, and improper positioning can lead to eye strain, neck pain and other problems with posture and movement.

Monitor stands can help you avoid such difficulties by providing the adjustability you need to position your screen correctly. They allow you to manage height, angle and distance settings so your monitor is set up in an ergonomic manner for maximum comfort and productivity.

Certain models of monitor stands also come equipped with features to keep your workstation clean and organized, such as built-in cable management or stable bases with cable clips that help keep cables organized and away from their ports.