DIY Craft: Flower Pot Crow

Crows can be spotted sitting in trees or picking around the yard in search of food. They are very easy to spot because of their shiny, solid black bodies. The craft tutorial below contains easy-to-follow directions; perfect for kids of various ages. This is a good hobby to unwind to when after some fun and thrilling sports betting games via gazianteb


Mini flower pot
Round wooden ball (1-3/4″ diam)
Black acrylic paint
Paint brush
Black craft feathers
Black craft foam (thin)
Yellow craft felt
Glue gun
Glue sticks (for glue gun)
Small googly eyes


Step One – Paint the mini flower pot and wooden ball with the black acrylic paint. You will most likely need to paint the flower pot and wooden ball with more than one coat of the black paint. Allow them to dry thoroughly on the newspaper.

Step Two – While you are waiting on the objects to dry, gather the scissors and pieces of craft foam and felt. Take the black foam and cut two tear drop shaped pieces, approximately 2 inches long. These pieces will represent the crow’s wings. Next, cut a small triangle out of the yellow felt, this will be the crow’s beak.

Step Three – Start off by turning the mini flower pot upside down, so the bottom is facing up. Using the glue gun, adhere the wooden round ball onto the bottom of the flower pot. This will create the body and head of the crow.

Step Four – With the glue gun, secure a wing on each side of the flower pot. Glue two or three of the black craft feathers onto the back of the flower pot and wooden ball. Finally, glue the small googly eyes and triangular shape (pointing down) onto the front of the wooden ball.

Now the crow is ready to sit by the windowsill and watch over your yard!