Cimmaron Stripe

 Skirt from Pendleton archives

As we looked through the Pendleton Archives last summer researching ideas for the second installment of Pendleton The Portland Collection, we came across this vintage ankle length skirt and were impressed by the fabric.  Pendleton has long been known for plaids and jacquards, but their repertoire expands beyond that to fabrics such as this unique stripe.

Stripe fabric from Pendleton archives

This fabric was originally woven on a dobby loom with a twist yarn which gives it its marled look.  We didn’t have access to the same yarn that was used in the original skirt, so we had to figure out a different way to achieve the look we wanted.  Through much trial and error we were able to replicate the wool using Pendleton’s jacquard looms.  Instead of the marled look coming randomly from a twist yarn, it is created by meticulously specifying where each black and white stitch will be placed.

Fall 2012 Cimmaron Stripe 

Above: Bearchum Shift 

Above: Cody Jacket, High Waisted Skirt

Also available in Men’s Bitterroot Shirt, Women’s Morning Owl Cape, and Women’s Pieced Dress.

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One Response to Cimmaron Stripe

  1. elisabeth says:

    it looks a lot like Guatemalan weaving

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