Pendleton, The Portland Collection returns with its second season for Fall 2012

Below is our latest press release, and our lookbook is here.

Pendleton Woolen Mills, the Oregon-based company with origins dating back to 1863, presents its second season of The Portland Collection for Fall 2012.

After the highly successful first season launch, The Portland Collection returns with its heritage-influenced designs for menswear, womenswear and home. With fabrics woven exclusively in Pendleton’s Northwest Mills and all of the apparel produced in the U.S.A., The Portland Collection continues to be a leader in the resurgence of domestic production.

Building upon the Fall 2011 foundation, this new collection has a wider range of woven styles, knits, accessories, and blankets. The design team of Nathaniel Crissman, Rachel Turk, and John Blasioli has created a completely exclusive fabric story for The Portland Collection this season. The expanded color palette and wider variety of fabric weights for Fall 2012 showcase the unique capacities of Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Inspired again by the Pendleton archives, the designers reached back to the late 1800s and early 1900s to highlight the early square designs of that era. These designs predate looms that were able to create angular motifs, such as arrows, giving these new blankets and fabrics an exciting, innovative feel.

2012 promises to be another exciting year for The Portland Collection as it continues to illustrate its singular point of view within both the heritage and contemporary markets.

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2 Responses to Pendleton, The Portland Collection returns with its second season for Fall 2012

  1. the7000club says:

    i contacted pendleton customer service to ask when they thought the ochoco bag might be available for purachse, but i was referred to this blog for information. is there a date set for this collection’s release (and the ochoco bag, in particular)? thanks

  2. The Fall 2012 collection is coming this fall, and the bag will be available then. Please check back, or follow us on Facebook ( for updates on the collection’s arrival in shops.

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