Alexandra Stewart

Alexandra Stewart is a Canadian songstress with a haunting sound that’s halfway between the melodic charm of Feist and the driving darkness of Timber Timbre. Her debut LP, Waba, is coming out later this year.

Waba is the small village in Ontario where Alexandra grew up. “Waba” is the Algonquin word for “white” or “light.” The town used to be known as Wabalac, or “white lake,” a combination of the Algonquin word for white and the French word for lake. All of the songs on Waba reflect on Alexandra’s childhood in that village.

Cover art copyright 2012 Alexandra Stewart, photography by Shervin

The record’s first track, “Lone Wolf” is available on her Facebook page for listening.Alexandra is working with a respected crew that includes Alexander Overington, Mark Lawson and Joe Lambert.

Here’s a slideshow with a more photos from the shoot in Bloomingdale, Ontario. So put on her song and enjoy the beauty of both her voice, and the region that helped form her artistic vision.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos courtesy Oresti Tsonopoulos

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  1. Mantis says:

    This young lady makes your clothing look even more beautiful…

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