Styling the Lookbook: Hair and Makeup with Amanda Needham

I recently caught up with Amanda Needham, the Portland-based stylist who did the hair and makeup for The Portland Collection’s lookbook. Amanda created looks that perfectly capture the feel for the collection for both models, but her expertise is in styling and wardrobe. She’s worked on Gus Van Sant’s ‘Paranoid Park’, ‘Portlandia’ and ‘Wendy and Lucy.’ Her work is distinctive, and she’s garnered notice for capturing the look of Portland. Check her out on IMDB; or in the Portlandia trailer, in her glasses.

Karen: How did you get involved with The Portland Collection?

Amanda: I’ve worked with Rachel Turk and Nathaniel Crissman a lot. I was visiting their design studio to borrow from their church & state line for ‘Portlandia,’ and I saw The Portland Collection there. It was all over the place.

Karen: And you liked it?

Amanda: Loved it. Pendleton as a company really embodies what Oregon is all about; making something beautiful, but keeping it really natural.

Karen: That’s what you did with the models, too. I’ve seen Annie’s card, and she has a lot of versatility, but you made her into a perfect porcelain doll. How did you do it?

Amanda: I used Laura Mercier foundation primer to enhance her great skin; it gives a natural, nice finish. I used Mac Strobe Cream to give a more dewy finish. And then it was just lipstick. That was mean to play off her hair and also the russet colors in the collection. It’s actually a mixture of a Revlon lipliner, a Mac lip pencil in Mahogany, and a mix of a few shades of Mac lipstick.

Karen: And her hair?

Amanda: That’s a technique I use with rolling sections with a large-barreled iron.

Karen: Did you do anything special for Brock?

Amanda: We needed to make sure he was clean shaven, but still looked rugged. I trimmed his hair, but left him sort of a bedhead look. We used Bumble and Bumble products, and kept it classic and clean.

Karen: The feedback on their looks has been overwhelmingly positive, so thank you.

Amanda: You’re welcome! I hope we work together soon…

Karen: Portlandia?

Amanda: Definitely!

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