Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft, sponsored by Pendleton Woolen Mills.

If you have not been to the exhibit, we highly urge you to go. It’s in interesting take on “fashion” vs. the garment or “craft.” Clothing is defined as the objects produced—the physical garments, whereas fashion is viewed as the cultural zeitgeist that fashion embodies: an ever-changing identity for the current moment”.  


The Portland Collection designer, Nathaniel Crissman, snapped a photo of some past work being featured at the MOCC.



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Fall 2014 Accessory Collection

Coming to you soon.

TPC accessory laydown F14

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Spring Sale

It’s coming…


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Harper’s Bazaar’s, Laura Brown


Harper’s Bazaar’s Executive Editor, Laura Brown looks stunning in TPC. Read the article on Zady,  for Laura’s journey through fashion and how she made a career of it.




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The Man Who Runs Ahead Of The Pack

Ever wonder where we coined the idea for the LOBO sweatshirt? Well here it is, taken straight out of our archives, and right onto the most comfortable sweatshirt you will ever own. It’s only fitting that TPC would produce an image that represents a wolf. The wolf or LOBO, is for the man who is not afraid to stray from the pack. The lone wolf, the independent. HE is in a league all of his own. To be honest, I bet we could all use a bit of LOBO in us. I like it…So I’m going to run with it.

                      TPCS_14_Shot_13_060 “The look of the man who is a front runner. Run with it.”


Enjoy our vintage adds. I know I did!

1979-2 1979-5

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Portland Monthly

Pick up this month’s edition of the Portland Monthly and see our Islet Silk Dress.



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MAKER Quarterly

We love this feature in Maker Quarterly about why materials matter, from candle wax to virgin wool.



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